MESSINA. I excitedly arrived in Messina on Tuesday. Before that, I was living in Wolverhampton, as that is where my university is, but originally I am from London, and as many people say “London is an amazing place to be” Among the thousands of people who live in Wolverhampton, there are a vast majority who go are from London like myself.

I am part of a small group who prefers Wolverhampton over London as it is more peaceful. I would say that London is a city that a lot of people love to visit but would rather not live there due to how busy and crowed it is. However, London does have amazing transport, so it is very easy to get around, they also have lots of great tourist areas where 30 million people from all over the world visit every year. Places such as: The London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Greenwich park, The o2 Area, and many more exciting places. Messina as the eye opener, well where should I begin?

Since I had never travelled to Italy before, I imagined Messina to quite hot and a lot like Cyprus or Portugal. I was very wrong; Messina has both religious and mythologic history behind it. It also is close to the Mount Etna Volcano, and the 1908 Earthquake which has been recorded to be the most intense Earthquake in history to date.
Walking the streets of Messina gives me the sense of a magical paradise, because of the cathedrals, Mary the Virgin statues and the beautiful blue skies each day. Oh, and the amazing food, I don’t think I will be able to eat pizza back in the UK ever again, after tasting and experiencing how real and fresh pizza tastes like in Messina…

I was able to see The Church of San Francesco Assisi, Monumental Fountain of Orion, The Duomo and its surroundings. The beach and the list just keeps on going. Each place I went to visit the weather was spectacular, which unfortunately coming from the UK we don’t get to see much of. The hot sun beaming down on your skin, it feels epic.

What is an international work placement like?
So far I can proudly say that the experience of working abroad has been absolutely fantastic, I have met great people, I hope that in the future I could come back and permanently work for Letter Emme, I have grown more in the journalism industry. Even though I came to Messina not knowing any Italian, I have been able to pick up the basics which allows me to communicate to the local people within the community. Having the courage and motivation to keep going, and not letting the language be a barrier has been the best part of being in Messina for 2 months.

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Billy Santamaria
Billy Santamaria
25 Giugno 2019 13:30

In effetti il ragazzo l’inglese lo parla, anche se i contenuti sono piuttosto banali, da libro delle medie. Ma fa bella figura lo stesso. Degli inglesi ( e per esteso del mondo anglosassone), più che la lingua (stiamo annaquando la nostra) dovremmo prendere a esempio il carattere.

26 Giugno 2019 0:48

E’ una ragazza, inglese di madrelingua (e di cittadinanza)

Domenica Giliberto
Domenica Giliberto
26 Giugno 2019 10:29

Meglio delle volgaritá gratuite di mesi fa, perfino peggiore quanto a contenuti. Presentarsi nuovi e diversi ritrovandosi accomodati sul ruolo di giornale di provincia imbottito di riempitivi.